Why Teens Pay More For Car Insurance

Teens are probably the group considered the riskiest to insure, from a company’s point of view. A combination of factors can easily make a young person considered “high-risk driver”. Find out why teens pay more for car insurance. Also, teens should shop around and look for discounts, before they purchase auto insurance online.

teen2One big reason for the high insurance costs is the lack of experience behind the wheel. Of course, having good driver education is a plus, but it does not compare with years of experience behind the wheel. Lack of experience may make teens disobey the laws, when nobody is looking.  Inexperience can lead to overreaction in emergency situations, which can actually cause secondary accidents. More than 70% of teen crashes is attributed to lack of experience.

Teens are also more prone to distractions. We all know that teens are attracted to all sorts of entertainment gadgets and shows.  Laughing, talking, texting, and loud music are distractions for the vast majority teens. This fact also contributes to higher insurance premiums for drivers in this group.

Reckless driving is also a bad behavior associated with teens.  Young drivers tend to drive faster and with less regard for their personal safety. Medical studies have found evidence supporting the assertion teenage brains are predisposed to ignoring behavioral risks as a survival trait. And this “adrenaline rush” worries the insurance companies.

Drunk driving and intoxicated driving are also more common in teens than in other age groups. This is because during this time of life, people tend to socialize more, to go out with friends, have a drink and spend countless hours partying. Although having a designated driver is the typical recommendation, most of the teens ignore it and choose to drive back home with BAC above the law.

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