Why Bundle Car And Homeowners Insurance

There are many ways to get a price break on your car insurance. But wouldn’t be wonderful to get a price break on more policies? The answer is clearly “yes”. One smart tactic to get a really good discount is to bundle multiple policies with the same carrier. Typically, people choose to bundle homeowners and car insurance, since they are the most valuable ones and the discount is pretty significant.  Be money-wise and compare prices before making any decision.  Visit our website and check auto insurance rates.

auto1 - car-insurance-comparison-74Bundling simply means buying two or more insurance policies, such as your homeowners and car insurance, through the same insurance company.  Savings come in the form of a discount, usually applied to both policies, under the label “multi-policy discount” on your policy declarations page. The company will often offer discounts of up to 20%. Say for example you are shopping for both home insurance and car insurance. These policies individually from two different companies cost $1200 and $800. If you were to purchase them from the same company, they might cost $1600 together instead of $2000.

Having your insurance centralized with one provider is incredibly convenient. You have the option of one monthly payment and the same renewal dates. In some claims instances companies will also allow you to pay only one deductible, instead of one for each policy.

Besides getting a really good discount, bundling has more advantages to offer:

  • You deal with only one insurance company.
  • You may be able to manage your policies online at the same place or through the same agent.
  • It will be easier to identify gaps in your coverage.
  • Depending on the company, you may be able to synchronize the renewal periods and effective dates of both policies or combine your billing statements.

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