Reasons For Claim Denials

When you pay for car insurance, you expect your insurer to have your back when it comes to approving your claims. If your insurer or another insurer denies your claim, you might wonder what happened. Your claim may have been denied for a valid reason, or your insurer may not have a fair reason for declining your claim. You should file an official complaint if you feel that your claim was unjustly or unlawfully denied. Below you will find the common reasons for a legitimate denial. Additionally, you can check our website for free online auto insurance quotes.

# car insuranceOne of the most legit reasons for claim denials will be the policy limits. Every policy has its limits, and no matter the damage, there is nothing an insurance company can do for you once your claim exceeds your coverage limits. The higher the coverage you select, the more your insurer will pay for damages in the case of an accident. This is why you should carefully select coverage limits when buying car insurance.

Another legit reason is that the claim is not covered by your policies. For example, you do not purchase collision insurance. When you cause an accident, you will be responsible for paying for the damage of your car, from your own money. And if you do not get comprehensive coverage, you will not be reimbursed for a stolen car. Your claim will always be denied if you file a claim for coverage that you did not purchase.

An auto insurer can deny your claim if the damages resulted at a time when you were driving illegally. For example, you were driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence at the time of the accident. Or you were driving without a valid license at the moment of the accident.

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