Holidays Safe Driving Tips

Winter holidays are the perfect time for visiting relatives and old friends. That’s the reason why so many million American citizens travel long distance near Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Before venturing far, you should read the following safe driving tips. Also, get online auto insurance quotes and make sure you have proper collision and comprehensive coverage before travelling too far. Follow the next tips:

  •  Christmas Gifts In Snowy LandscapeIf you are driving a rental car, make sure you know how to run the windscreen wipers, headlights, side mirrors, air-con, and radio. Know the car proper functions before driving it on a long ride.
  • Eat and drink before driving. Keep in mind that caffeine shouldn’t be your only beverage to keep you alert on the road. Caffeinated beverages can keep you awake, but it can’t keep you alert, and those dangerous moments when you’re driving without being aware of what you’re doing are a major safety hazard.
  • Do not rely on cruise control the whole way. Having to focus on maintaining your speed manually will help you to stay alert, not just awake.
  • Check the weather forecast each day for a few places along your driving route, as well as the weather forecast for your destination. Check for major hazards like blizzards and snow-storms.
  • Be realistic about how much can drive in a day. Do not try to drive more than your physical limits.
  • Pull over and take a rest break every few hours, whether you’re tired or not. Also do some stretching. Avoid drowsy driving.
  • Make sure you know about any variations between the road rules in your home state and the places you will be driving through.
  • Never drink and drive It’s just not worth the tragic and highly likely consequences. Avoid DUI with all costs.
  • To prevent your car being a break-in victim, store everything valuable in the boot or locked away out of sight somewhere else.

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