Avoid Driving Without Insurance

Having auto insurance is the law and breaking the law has some unpleasant financial and penal consequences. Plus, your insurance rates will be high, when you finally decide to get coverage. Check the main reasons why you should avoid driving without insurance. The alternative is to use free quote on car insurance and compare prices, in order to get an affordable coverage. But first, let’s analyze the penalties of driving without insurance:

  1. winterdrivingYou will pay a hefty fine. You will be given a ticket, if you’re caught driving without auto insurance. If you’re pulled over by the police patrol for speeding (or any other traffic violation), or you get into a wreck, on top of any other fines and fees you incur, you’ll also be fined for driving without insurance. In some states, the fees can be thousands of dollars.
  2. You will have your driving license suspended. If you are caught driving without insurance, your license can be suspended until you are able to provide proof of insurance, and you will have to pay to have it reinstated. How long of a suspension you will face depends on the requirements of your state. After a few suspensions, you could have your license permanently taken away.
  3. Your car will be towed. The police could prevent you from continuing to drive by having your car towed. You won’t be able to get your vehicle out of the impound lot until you provide proof of insurance.
  4. Pay money from your own pockets if you cause an accident.  If you refuse or are unable to pay for the damage and injuries you cause, the other driver could sue you, which means court and lawyer fees on top of the expenses from damages caused in the crash.
  1. Increased future insurance premiums.  All insurance providers will charge you extra when you want to get insurance from them. You will represent a higher insurance liability due to existing coverage lapses and the risk of them being dropped by the policyholder.

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