Why Is PIP an Important Policy

Personal injury protection (PIP insurance), also known as “no-fault coverage,” is only available in no-fault states. It is often required, but may be available as additional optional coverage. As the name suggests, it provides coverage for medical bills.  Find out why is PIP an important policy and get more info about money car insurance.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment InsuranceIf you are injured in an auto accident, the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your no-fault auto insurance policy will pay for all reasonably necessary medical expenses. It will also pay for up to three years of wages you would have earned if you had not been hurt, up to a specified maximum amount.

You should be aware that your auto insurance company may ask for a deductible on any claim you submit for PIP benefits following an auto accident. This means that you will be accountable for paying for any expenses, up to this deductible limit, before the auto insurance company will pay for any of your injuries. For this reason, it is important for you to know whether your auto policy requires a deductible as well as the deductible amount. If this information isn’t listed in your policy declaration page, ask your agent or insurance company to confirm whether there is a deductible; and, if so, ask for the deductible amount.

The exact benefits offered by PIP vary by state, and there may be a deductible due before the benefits kick in. Coverage varies widely among states, so the terms of your policy note your specific benefits, but in general personal injury protection coverage includes:

  1. Medical Expenses – May include reasonable charges for medical, hospital, surgical, nursing, ambulance and x-ray services.
  2. Loss of income
  3. Funeral Expense
  4. Loss of essential services ( can receive benefits if you need help performing household or other tasks due to your injury

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