Why Are Mass Produced Family Cars Cheaper To Insure?

We live in a nation that’s obsessed with shopping for the lowest car insurance rates. In fact, recent studies show that about 30 percent of all policyholders shop around each year to see if they can find a better deal.  Insurance companies favor some types of cars and provide better prices. Generally, cars destined for families with kids are cheaper to insure.  If you want to know why mass produced family cars are cheaper to insure, you should read our blog. After that, consider analyzing some car insurance quotes online free.

auto1 - personal-auto-insurance-680First of all, they are mass produced and that makes them cheaper to buy. It also makes them cheaper to insure, because if an accident occurs, they can be replaced or repaired faster, since there will always be parts and vehicles on the market. And since they are common, mechanics will be used repairing them. These factors are very important to any insurer, because they will gladly insure a car with 400.000 units constructed than a car with a limited 5000 edition.

Secondly, it’s their targeted categories.  Insurers prefer covering married people, preferable married people with children. They assume that driving with your children on board will make you a more responsible driver and this diminishing the risk of distracted driving, DUI or speeding, top 3 factors for car crashes.

Recent safety technologies also contribute to diminishing car insurance costs.  Family cars come equipped with latest crash avoidance technologies, such as blind-spot monitoring, forward-collision warnings and lane-departure warnings. Plus, different safety devices increase the survivability rate following a crash. Protecting the driver and the passengers is a top priority for any auto maker building family cars.  The models selected by IIHS for family car categories have numerous safety options.

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