Why Are Diabetics Considered High Risk Drivers?

Diabetes has become a fairly common metabolic disease, with millions of sufferers only in US.  The nature of this metabolic disorder and its development is pretty complex. The symptoms vary in severity and in many cases cause discomfort.  This is one of the reasons why diabetics are considered high risk drivers.  We will immediately explain how diabetes causes problems to drivers and why it is better to avoid driving unless it is absolutely necessary.  No matter if you are a diabetic or not, you must own car insurance.  Get free car insurance quotes and compare prices.

auto-insurance-guideDiabetics are considered high risk drivers because some of the symptoms and dysfunctions associated with diabetes affect the driving abilities.  Altered perception and loss of consciousness while driving are events that could happen to any diabetic.

Diabetes affects sight, reflexes and other function. People with severe forms of diabetes develop cataract or macular degeneration. In both cases, the driver will have problems in correctly perceiving the shape of an object and its distance.  Diabetes neuropathy can affect the ability to feel foot pedals, a thing that greatly impacts driving safety.

Also, diabetics feel sleepy or dizzy and this also affects driving safety. Furthermore, due to salivary glands dysfunctions, the flow of saliva is reduced and diabetics feel like their mouth is dry and need to drink water very often.  Trying to drink something while driving can cause a serious distraction that can lead to unfortunate accidents.  So, these are the main reasons why diabetics are considered high risk drivers.  Medical evaluation is necessary before applying to auto insurance. Talk with you medic and get the right documents.  Then, you should talk with multiple insurers and check if they are will to provide you coverage, even if you are a diabetic.

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