Where To Get Car Insurance Quotes For Vintage Cars

Owning a classic or vintage car is a great honor and responsibility, especially since it applies to a generally highly expensive piece of mechanic art.  And the cost of insuring such a car is also high, assuming that you actually find a carrier willing to insure the vintage car. Not so many companies are willing to take the risk.  Still, you can find some carriers and you will have to select the one offering the best policy for your car. Use our webpage to get car insurance quotes for vintage cars and find out how to save on car insurance.

# antiqueThere are specialized insurers, but also, the big companies offer insurance plans and thus, they can provide quotes. The list with companies includes Esurance, Hagerty, State Farm, Progressive and so on.

With Progressive Advantage® Classic Car Insurance, powered by Hagerty®, you get specialized protection at a reasonable price. And it’s from a provider you can trust—Hagerty is the world’s leader for classic car insurance. Your policy is only for classic car and you could save up to 42 percent compared to your daily driver insurance.*

State Farm provides the following coverages for antique & vintage cars:

  • Liability
  • Medical Payments/No Fault
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle/Underinsured Motor Vehicle
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Death, Dismemberment and Loss of Sight
  • Loss of Earnings

Geico is another leading classic car insurance provider.  GEICO Insurance Agency has teamed with American Modern Insurance Group® to offer an insurance policy designed for classic car lovers.

And all these companies provide free quotes, so you can acknowledge how much is expected to pay for your car. Of course, the car will be first inspect and evaluated by some financial experts of their respective companies.  You will also be informed about special conditions needed to obtain insurance.

Check our webpage for more info and free quotes.  Check our website!