When Is Not Recommended To Bundle Car Insurance Policies

Find out when it is not recommended to bundle car insurance policies. Also, visit our website and get auto insurance online quotes.

  1. @ auto-insuranceWhen the other drivers you want to insure are labeled high-risk drivers. Bundling car insurance plans and adding high risk drivers can be a pretty risky maneuver.  And it can also be costly. Insurance companies charge pretty high premiums for this type of drivers.  Furthermore, adding such a driver may make the insurer consider cancelling some discounts or services.  This is a tricky situation because not all drivers are considered high risk drivers because they are bad and committed traffic violation. For example, you want to add your teen child in a bundled package. The lack of experience will cause problems. Nevertheless, if you have a kid that is a good student, the inexperience may be compensated financially by some good student discounts.
  2. When the other cars you want to insure are not functional and/or really old. Like the first point we discussed, this may also represent a risky maneuver. Adding a rust bucket on a bundled package can also have a negative impact. And some insurer may not even want to insure your car at all. It is best for this scenario to talk with an insurance agent and check his advice.  You surely do not want to add an old car with little value in a multi-vehicle plan that includes comprehensive and collision coverage.
  3. When you have a really good offer for the other policies. We usually think about bundling policies or vehicles because we will get a better deal on them all, rather than insuring valuables separately. Usually this is the case, but there are situations when it is better to keep the plans separate.  This is why you should compare prices before signing a deal.

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