What Does High Risk Driver Label Imply?

A “high-risk driver” is defined as the driver with higher probability of filing a claim on his or her car insurance than the average driver. Car insurance companies often see high-risk drivers as undesirable, since paying for claims will cost them more than what they expect to profit. It can also be used in reference to a driver not eligible for insurance through a preferred carrier. Find out what high risk driver label implies and get online auto insurance quotes from our website!

autoNEW - Car-accident1The main consequence of being labeled so is the increased cost of car insurance. Those who have been labeled as a high risk driver can find it challenging and quite frustrating to budget and purchase auto insurance.  Since a high risk driver is, according to the insurance company, more likely to file a claim, insurance companies will try to mitigate their risk by charging higher premiums as, they believe, high risk drivers may cost the insurance company more than what they will profit on that particular customer. In many cases,  a high risk driver can pay 2-3 times more than an average driver, for the same policy and the same services.

A bigger problem is finding insurance at all. Depending on your driving history and the factors that caused you to become a high risk driver, you can still work with standard carriers or you may have to search for non-standard carriers.  The second option is again, more complicated, and in most of the cases, costlier.  No matter the options ahead, a high risk driver must always shop around and compare prices.  Using online quotes is the best solution. Working offline is ineffective and time consuming.  When you are satisfied with some quotes ask for a meeting and a face-to-face negotiation.

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