What Car Parts Are the Most Expensive To Replace?

Having a car comes with a great responsibility. You must keep the cur running at optimal parameters, so it will not endanger your life or the life of other traffic participants, when you drive it.  Also, you are responsible for its maintenance and necessary repairs or replacements. In the following blog we will present you a list with the most expensive car parts to replace.  In many cases, replacements are necessary because the parts were damaged or they are too old. It is another safety measure any responsible driver should take.  Another safety measure is to purchase an advantageous life insurance policy. But for that, you must first use auto insurance quotes online and compare prices.

  1. # money-carElectronic parts. On board computers and displays are used to regulate fuel consumption, maintaining stability, providing navigational information, play music and many other things. Replacing them is very expensive, the cost range from $1000 to $3000 or even more, depending on the brand and model of each electronic.
  2. Suspension. A suspension system consists of several parts: struts, shock absorbers, springs and linkage with ball joints. Replacing the suspension costs around $1000.
  3. Engine. This is probably one of the most expensive parts to replace. A frontal car accident is likely to damage several engine components. If the engine cannot be repaired and you must replace it, be prepared to pay several thousands of dollars.
  4. Bumper. In the past, it was not considered a very expensive replacement. But nowadays bumpers are equipped with all sorts of electronic sensors. Replacing a bumper costs around $2000-$3000.
  5. Air conditioner. It is very expensive to replace an air conditioner because it comes as a module.   For a basic two-ton AC unit expect to pay $3000. A mid-range unit will cost approximately $5000. A top-of-the-line A/C system can cost over $10000.

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