Top 5 Best Sold Cars In 2014, in US

If you decide to buy a car, check our list with top 5 best sold cars in 2014, in US.  Also, do not forget to use online auto insurance quotes for the newly bought car and compare rates.

  1. top-10-photoHonda Accord. It is one of the best Sedans that you can buy under $25.000. It is equipped with improved safety features and state of the art technology. Honda Accord’s control board will make you feel like controlling a space ship.  It comes equipped with Intelligent Multi-Information Display and Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation with Voice Recognition systems.  Awarded 29 times, Honda is clearly a smart choice.
  2. Toyota Camry. It has an aggressive design, sporty interior and it offers maximum comfort to its driver and passengers. The impressive V6 engine offers 268 horsepower, making it one powerful ride.  Precision and performance are the key words that describe better this car.  Recalibrated springs, shocks and sway bars and optimized Electric Power Steering are features that increase the performance of Toyota Camry. If you want a safe, powerful sporty car, Toyota Camry is your car.
  3. Toyota Corolla. Toyota Corolla was redesigned for 2014 and it looks more modern and stylish.  New aerodynamic exterior look is not only to make it look more aggressive and sporty, but also to allow better handling and fuel economy. The interior is stylish and only the best materials were used.  Safety features and devices were added.
  4. Chevrolet Silverado. It is one of the most fuel efficient pickup truck and has been redesigned based on anterior models. It has a smart cargo box fitted with intuitive cargo bed features.   The interior is quiet and comfortable, made of durable, high quality materials and fitted with latest connectivity and navigation technology.
  5. Ford F150. For more than 30 years, the Ford has reigned supreme among full pickup sales. The F150 is highly customizable and it was built considering fuel economy and power.  It a 365 horsepower beast, fitted with new innovations and safety devices.

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