Tips For Avoiding Car Theft

You are not the only one who thinks that your car is precious and feels proud to have it. People with bad intent would gladly snatch it and resell it or disassemble it for parts. In order to avoid your being stolen, read the following tips. But, should this unfortunate event happen, the only policy that will help you is comprehensive coverage. Visit our website for free car insurance quotes and get this coverage type.  This is what you should do in order to lower the robbery odds:

  1. # autoinsurance_18_600Always lock your car. This may seem a no-brainer, and in fact it really is. But not all of us have a reflex of closing the car immediately after exiting from it. And thieves are birds of prey, monitoring the people and watching for one single sign of negligence. There are many “slider thieves” who can rob your car in less than 10 seconds.
  2. Hide valuables. Do not expose really valuable objects so that can thieves can see it. A set of really expensive jewelry which can be seen through the windows will easily mark your car as top priority. Hide the goods or do not even let them in the car unless it is really necessary.
  3. Let thieves know you have security options. Nothing scares the thieves, especially the rookies, than facing security options. Not so many robbers will try to rob a car that presents mechanic immobilizers, flashy and noisy alarms and other visual and audio warning elements. So, upgrading your security options will help you avoid thieves.
  4. Be aware of strangers and their gifts. Besides locking your car in a garage, removing valuables and other kind of obvious tips, this one may seem a bit strange. But there are many cases when the “gifts” offered by the good old John Doe ended up being tracking devices. In this case, the thieves usually wait for the victim to be at work, then come and break its house.

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