Senior Citizens Can Save Hundreds on their Car Insurance Coverage

Find out how to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance if you are a senior. Also check our website for free quotes from cheap auto insurance companies.

The first thing to do is check what policies can be dropped. A senior who doesn’t do a lot of driving probably won’t need too much rental reimbursement coverage (which helps cover the cost of renting a car if a person gets in an accident and their car is in the shop for several days). However, an older adult who lives in an area prone to severe weather may decide they want to have comprehensive coverage, which helps pay for damage due to natural forces such as water, wind, and hail.

The majority of insurance companies will automatically cut the rates of drivers once they reach a certain age (usually 55). There’s no particular policy that’s ideal for all elderly drivers, but there are some few money-saving tips for people over 55:

  1. # Save-Money-On-Car-LeaseLet your insurance agent know when you will retire: If an older adult is no longer making the 20-mile drive to the office every day, they might be able to get their monthly premium lowered. People who use their cars for “leisure driving” typically experience much cheaper rates. Just make sure the senior notifies their agent of their change in mileage.
  2. Take a mature driver’s course: A good number of insurance companies offer reduced rates to older drivers who take state-approved “defensive driving” programs. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), drivers who take these courses could be entitled to lower rates and may be able to get points taken off their driving record. To find defensive driving courses in your area, visit the NSC website.

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