Safety Measures When Driving With A Pet

Many of us like to take our pets everywhere! Whether we are going on a much needed vacation, driving them to a park to run and play, or maybe, it’s a quick trip to the veterinarian for a check-up – some furry passengers just love to ride! But traveling in automobiles can be extremely dangerous for your family companion – and you. A pet in a vehicle can mean added distractions for the driver and added dangers for all passengers, including pets. Check the top safety measures when driving with a pet. Additionally, you should consider reviewing auto insurance quote online and buy additional coverage.

  • States-unleash-pet-restraint-laws-for-drivers-H31JV1D9-x-largeTo avoid needless stress and nervousness, work your pet up to longer trips by taking shorter walks before taking on a long expedition.
  • Just in case you and your pet become separated, be sure that all ID tags are properly attached to your pet’s collar and that they have your present contact information, including phone number(s).
  • Use restraint systems that limit a pet’s ability to distract the driver, restrict pet movement in the crash, and lessen crash forces, such as those utilizing seat belts, they are the best to use.
  • A car’s airbags can prove deadly to a pet. Restraining a pet in the back seat is safest for pets.
  • If possible, place your pet in a crate. These are like a mini-cage; especially good for small dogs and cats, but they come in larger sizes for larger animals. Just remember tosecure the crate! In an accident or when making unexpected quick turns and stops, you don’t need a cage hurtling around in your car.
  • Padded harnesses with sturdy connectors and straps are available to connect to a vehicle’s seatbelt or LATCH system. Both hard- and soft-sided crates can be used in vehicles, but should always be strapped down. Pet car seats or basket-style holders can be used with smaller dogs.


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