Penalties for Driving without Insurance

Each motorist has the obligation to provide some proof of financial responsibility. Most states require a certain amount of liability auto insurance.  But, just as every state varies on its liability insurance or other financial responsibility requirements for drivers, every state also varies on its penalties for driving without insurance.  Driving without insurance is not a solution. We know that insurance can be expensive and we can help you get an affordable policy.  Visit our website and get a free car insurance quote.

Getting-the-Lowest-Car-Insurance-RatesAnytime a police officer pulls you over for traffic violations in, he or she has the power to ask you to present three things: your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and evidence of auto insurance. Failure to present valid proof of insurance that meets the state requirements could result in several penalties. The most common penalties include:

  • Having your driver’s license suspended.
  • Having your vehicle registration suspended.
  • Receiving a traffic ticket for a no insurance violation. This is in addition to the traffic ticket(s) you receive for the original reason you were pulled over. Depending on the officer and where you receive the ticket, you might be able to have the ticket dismissed if you can show proof of insurance within a certain time period following the date of the citation; however, this generally only applies if you really did have coverage at the time of the traffic stop and just happened?for whatever reason?to not have your insurance card with you.
  • Meeting SR-22 requirements. Some states might only impose this if you cause an accident while driving without insurance; others may impose it simply for driving uninsured.
  • Hefty fines. In addition to meeting other requirements, you’ll have to pay to have your license and registration reinstated. Plus, you’ll have to cover the traffic ticket fines. For example, in California, failure to present valid proof of insurancecould result in a fine that could be anywhere between $360 and $720 or more.
  • Increased future insurance premiums.

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