Natural Factors That Can Wreck Your Car

There are many natural factors that can wreck your car and we listed some of them below. Purchasing comprehensive coverage will help you get reimbursement for this type of damage. Visit our website and get auto insurance quotes online for this type of insurance.

  1. winterdrivingExtreme heat or cold. Extreme temperatures can have a really damaging effect on your car.  In both cases, the battery is affected. Also, fluids thicken during low temperatures and tire pressure will drop, unless you use specialized winter tires.  When it’s extremely hot, you should pay attention to engine and coolant fluids.
  2. Extreme weather phenomena. There are all sorts of things that can happen to your car, due to natural extreme phenomena. Hurricanes, tornado, cyclones can flood your car and even worse, lift it in the air and smash it to the ground or a building.  Earthquakes can easily turn your car into a pile of useless metal.  The same thing can be done by landslips or tsunamis.
  3. Animal attacks. Although they are not a frequent occurrence, animal attacks do happen. And we are not talking about small rodents.  Bears, wolves and even dears can rampage and smash parts of your car. Even more, hitting a deer while driving can have potential fatal consequences for both parties involved.  It all depends where you live. If you live in the wilderness, near a forest, river or lake, the odds are increased.
  4. Objects fallen from the sky. This is another less frequent scenario, but it is possible. Every day, thousands of cosmic fragments enter in our atmosphere. Most of them burn in the upper layers. But the fragments that do not burn are pretty dangerous, especially if made of metal. They are called meteorites. A meteorite has a huge speed and it can easily destroy a car in the moment of the impact.

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