Modern Traffic Safety Devices and Systems

Check out the latest modern traffic safety devices and features and discover how they can help you drive well and even save your life. Also make sure to get the right amount of car insurance. For that, we are here to help, since our website provides advices on how to save money on car insurance. But first, let’s check the list.

2013-subaru-brz-sports-car-first-drive-review-car-and-driver-photo-432774-s-429x262Backup Camera. Highlighted in the lead image above, few modern technologies are as quickly adopted and difficult to give up as a backup camera. With a backup camera, pedestrians, vehicles or any otherwise unseen danger is immediately exposed. Also, parallel parking is made much easier with a clear view to the rear.


Forward Collision Alert/Prevention These camera- or radar-based systems can save you from rear-ending that driver ahead who just stopped suddenly or prevent you from hitting other things that decide to get in front of your car, from animals to walls. If danger is sensed, the driver is alerted via an audible and/or visual warning or even a vibration in the steering wheel. More advanced systems can apply the brakes if a collision is imminent.


Lane Departure Warning/Mitigation These systems also use specialized sensors to monitor the road ahead. If the car drifts from its lane, the driver is alerted via audible, visual or tactile warning, similar to forward-collision alerts. Higher-end systems have the ability to steer the car back into its intended lane.


Blind Spot Warning Lights near the side mirrors automatically illuminate when a vehicle occupies either of your blind spots, adding an extra margin of safety to every lane change.


Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

In properly-equipped vehicles Android and iPhone operators now have easy access to their smartphone’s navigation, phone, entertainment, and texting abilities. More importantly, these features are controlled via voice commands or through a vehicle screen displaying a simplified, phone-like interface. The result is exceptional usability and an infinitely safer alternative to checking your phone behind the wheel, thus preventing distracted driving.


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