Major Car Improvements That Will Help You Cut Insurance Costs

Read our blog if you want to know how to save on car insurance.  We present you a list with major car improvements that will help you cut insurance costs.

  1. robber and the thief hijacks the carInstalling safety devices. Nothing reduces car insurance rates better than safety devices. Buying and installing a device that reduces the odds of being killed during a car crash will automatically reduce car insurance costs.  Insurance companies do not like to pay a lot of money for funeral costs and replacing a car, so, having an extra safety feature will automatically make you more appreciated by any insurer. And the car safety devices market offers plenty of choices.  We recommend you installing some of the devices mentioned in the following list:  adaptive cruise control,  forward collision avoidance system,  autonomous braking system,  adaptive headlights,  backup cameras,  reverse backup sensors,  side-view assists, parking assists,  electrochromatic mirror, padded knee bolster and energy absorbing steering system. They were all designed to protect your life and diminish the severity of injuries that can occur during a car crash.
  2. Installing tracking and anti-theft devices. Car thefts are another major concern for insurance companies. It is far more expensive to replace a car than to pay for repairing it or replacing several parts. Thus, installing devices that will help you recover your car will also reduce the car insurance costs.  Even the most basic anti-theft devices will get you a small discount. You can always buy and use all sorts of mechanical locks: steering wheel lock, hood lock or tire lock.  Installing alarms is another way to keep robbers away from your car. But thieves have specialized in cutting wires and disabling alarms. Still, you can install tracking systems that have hidden emitters incorporated in your car and reveal the exact location.  Systems offered by OnStar or Starcom Systems are amongst the best.


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