Important Car Insurance Discounts

Check our list with important car insurance discounts and get auto insurance online quotes before making any purchase.

  1. # auto-insurance-discountsMultiple-policies Discount. If you buy multiple types of insurance from the same provider you can often save money. That means if you get your life insurance, auto insurance and home-owners insurance from the same company, they will likely give you discounts on each and every one of them.
  2. Advance renewal. More than one in four insurance companies offers a discount to those who renew in advance, typically seven to 10 days ahead of schedule.
  3. Safety Equipment Discount. Buying a car with safety or security equipment can bring discounts on your auto insurance. Even having some of those types of items installed after-market can often save you money. A lot depends on the type of equipment and the insurance company, but it is a discount worth hunting.
  4. Accident Free Discount.If you have a perfect driving record, insurance companies will love you! If you have an accident-free driving record, you will pay less for car insurance.
  5. Loyal Customer Discount. Loyalty means a lot to some companies. If you stick with one company for a long period of time, request a discount.  In particular, companies tend to give discounts for consumers who have been customers for a year, 36 months and/or 60 months.
  6. Payment Method Discount. A lot of insurance companies offer a discount if you set up some form of automated payment. This can be an auto debit to a checking account – a scheduled charge to a credit card or something else. Check with your insurance company to see what discount, if any, they offer and what the terms and conditions are.

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