How To Select Your Auto Insurance Agent

Working with a car insurance agent can be extremely beneficial. You will get the chance to work with a professional who knows not only the advantages of each policy, but also how to get really good prices for you. But not all agents are the same and you must be careful when picking the one to work with. Find out how to select your auto insurance agent and if you are interested about automobile insurance online, get free quotes from our website.

  • GettyImages-131983498-577c784c5f9b5858753b5022Ask family, friends, co-workers, and more for referrals or recommendations. If you have relatives or good friends who recently bought a car and got insured, you should ask them how the entire underwriting process went and if the insurance agent who guided them was a real professional. Getting good recommendations from people you trust is important.
  • Ask if the agents were friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. Also ask how did they react to or questions, related to complaints or claims. Agents that are a bit jumpy when asked about these sensitive matters are likely to try covering up.
  • Track down and read testimonials. We live in a modern world, where information is exchanged rapidly. It only takes several seconds to log in to the internet and look for testimonials from an agent’s former clients. Look for agents and brokers that have really good testimonials. Check these sites while you’re on the hunt for information: Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. A solid professional network and social media profile means that the person really cares about his public image. And that means he takes the job seriously.
  • Look for Twitter feeds or Facebook walls of local business or trade associations, as it’s possible you’ll come across some similarly useful information there. An agent that appears often on local business social and professional pages will always be a sign that you work with a professional. A person that has something to say and plays a role in the local business will always inspire others and will be regarded with respect.

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