How To Save On Auto Insurance

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  1. # auto-insurance-discountsHave a spotless driving history. Your driving record is the most influential factors when it comes to determining your insurance costs. Keep it clean if you want cheap premiums. Those with a good driving record are eligible for no-claims discounts.
  2. Drive a safe car. Insurance rates for cars are based on the previous claims history for that vehicle and statistics for that specific model. The more likely a car is to be stolen or to be involved in an accident, the more you pay for insurance. Pay attention to vehicles that were recently recalled.
  3. Attend driver’s training course. Licensed drivers who have completed an approved drivers training course in the last 3 years pay lower premiums. Safer drivers pay lower insurance rates. You can also get other perks, like accident forgiveness or not having to lose some license points.
  4. Have anti-theft devices and safety devices installed on your car. Insurance companies provide generous discounts to drivers who invest in their car security and safety. If you already have an approved, factory-installed device in your car, they will take this into account when determining your rate.
  5. Shop for car insurance from time to time.Many of your personal, professional and driving details change all the time, and so will the way auto insurance companies view you. If you don’t compare insurance rates at least once or twice a year, you’ll never know if you could be paying less, even by switching carriers.¬†Shop for auto insurance using online car insurance quotes. They are fast and very accurate
  6. Choose to pay your premiums annually, not monthly.Additional administrative fees are commonly applied to payments when you split your auto insurance premium into monthly payments.

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