How To Reduce Car Insurance Costs For Teen Drivers

Find out how to reduce car insurance costs for teen driver and visit us for free quote car insurance.

  • # Save-Money-On-Car-LeaseGet good grades. Insurance companies have determined good students are better drivers. They use statistics that show that good students spend more time studying than driving and are less exposed to accidents. Most insurance companies offer a good student discount that can really boost savings. Good grades are above a 3.0 grade point average. Have the most recent report card when purchasing car insurance. If a 3.0 isn’t possible at the time to be added, the discount can always be added on at a later date if the grade point average improves.
  • Share the car with an experienced driver. Sharing a car with an adult is a great way to save some cash. A teen driver can also be listed as a secondary or occasional driver. Make sure to mention it to your agent because it is possible for this discount to slip through unnoticed.
  • Insure the car on parent’s policy. Usually, adding a young driver to their parent’s policy would be cheaper. The teen driver would get all the parent’s big discounts such as multi-car and multi-policy. Some insurance companies have to rate a teen on all the vehicles on the policy, not just the one being driven by the teen. This is the biggest reason it may be cheaper to put a teen on a separate car insurance policy. If a teen is automatically rated on all the vehicles and a couple of the vehicles have full coverage, you will be paying a higher rate. Having a teen on a separate policy ensures the insurance company is only charging for the use of one vehicle. Major discounts can sometimes extend to a teen on their own policy if they live in the same household as another policy holder with the same carrier.

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