How To Prevent Car Accidents

Check our list with tips on how to prevent car accidents and use our website to get auto insurance quotes online.


  1. Two cars in collision on roadway

    Two cars in collision on roadway

    Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol or other dangerous substances. DUI and DWI are responsible for a high number of accidents with fatalities every year. While being under the influence of various substances, your senses are altered and you cannot perceive the road how it really is. Avoid drinking and driving and avoid doing drugs.

  2. Avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving is one of the top causes of accidents.  It is a very complex phenomenon and it involves mental, physical and cognitive distraction. We recommend you not to text while driving, to keep eyes on the road and to reduce the sound of your ringtone. A sudden ringtone may scare you and it only takes a fraction of second for the disaster to happen.
  3. Do not drive while being tired. If you are tired, you should not drive. Fatigue can also diminish your reflexes and if can even make you close your eyes, wishing to nap. Sleeping and driving do not go well together. If you are driving and you feel tired, you should better park your car somewhere safe and take a quick nap.
  4. Keep your pets restrained. No matter how cute our pets can be, they can also pose a great threat to our lives if we decide to bring them to us when driving. A roaming cat or dog can disturb the driver and even scare him. Again, a scared driver can quickly lose control over car and cause an accident.
  5. Do not drive if the weather is against you. Closely monitor the weather conditions and if they are unsuitable for driving, you should abandon the quest. Your life is more important. And always make sure that you have the right tires.

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