How Speeding Tickets Modify Car Insurance Rates

Have you just been slapped with a speeding ticket and just do not know what to do about your auto insurance? Many people find themselves in this same dilemma and it can truly be very difficult to get out of. The auto insurance quote online can still help you get the cheapest rate possible even after you are found guilty in a court of law.


  • car-insurance-1Skyrocket Premium Prices – Of course, your car insurance is going to skyrocket, after you are found guilty of speeding. Many drivers are not aware of how much damage traffic fines can do to their reputation. When you apply for car insurance coverage the agent will automatically do a background check and obtain your driving record history. A speeding ticket makes you a high-risk driver and you are going to pay dearly for it.


  • Getting Denied Coverage – You may be surprised to learn that multiple speeding tickets can cause you to be denied insurance coverage. While there are many insurance providers that will still give you coverage, you are going to pay a lot of money out of pocket for it. It may be that you will not be able to afford this coverage and will be forced to take the bus back and forth to work or school.


  • No Affects – If this is your first speeding ticket, you may get lucky and it will not affect your auto insurance rates. Many insurance providers will tend to look over your first traffic fine if you are over twenty-five years old. They are also aware that not everyone gets a speeding ticket deserves one. This is great news for the first timer and you should definitely watch your speed limit for now on to avoid getting another ticket. The next time they will not be so lenient.


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By Smit Sanghvi