How DUI Influences Auto Insurance Rates

When looking for affordable auto insurance, a free online car insurance quote is the best tool at your disposal. However, there are factors that may prevent you from getting lower car insurance rates, no matter how many quotes you request online. Any serious auto insurance company will require extensive research about their clients’ driving history, to make sure if there were any felonies committed. And you know what that means. Yes, it is time to talk about driving under the influence of alcohol.

# how-to-save-on-auto-insuranceIt should be obvious to anyone that getting behind the wheel while being drunk is a bad idea under any circumstances, but even more so if you are aiming to get a cheap auto insurance policy. That is because auto insurance companies do not have very much sympathy towards high risk drivers, and being caught with a DUI will certainly put you in the “high risk” category. And even if you have gotten away with it until now, you can rest assure that by clinging to such a repulsive habit, you are sure to be caught one day. And by lying to your insurer about your driving history, you will risk being listed as ineligible for car insurance. And since auto insurance is required by law, that means bye-bye legal driving.

If you are a teenager who just got a driving license, the odds are pretty much against you. Auto insurers work with statistics, and statistics show that your age group is the most likely to end up with DUIs. Do not let that discourage you, though. Prove that you are an exception, learn to drive responsibly, show them that you have good grades and/or that you have a stable job, and the insurance company will take notice and give you the rates you deserve.

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