Find The Right Car Insurance Policy For You!

Car insurance can cover you for accidents involving other vehicles, vandalism, weather, animals, bodily injuries and more.  All drivers must carry insurance protection, but many people just pick an insurer after they buy their first car and don’t look at the details of the policy for years, which could lead to unnecessary expenses. Below are some ways to find the right policy and cut your premiums.  We recommend you to get car insurance quotes before signing any contract.

# car-auto insuranceCheck rates from other companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. Many state insurance departments offer guides to available services, and while online you can find insurance comparison tools. Of course, personalized quotes aren’t immediate and often require a call back from an agent, but comparison shopping online can be a time-efficient way to find a better deal. And pick top rated insurers.

A higher deductible reduces your premium, but you have to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident. If you have a good driving record and haven’t had an accident that was your fault, you may want to gamble and choose a higher premium. The reward for this risk could be up to a 40 percent savings.

If you’ve changed jobs, are now working at home, or have become unemployed, call your insurer. By driving less, you may qualify for a discount.

Take advantage of all discounts. Discounts are available for drivers considered to be lower risk (older, married, and/or long safe driving record) or those who take a driver-training course. Anti-theft and certain safety equipment can also reduce your cost. Bundling insurance with auto and home is another option to consider,

Check to see where your insurer sends you for repairs, as the repair shop may push you to use cheaper replacement parts, rather than original equipment from the manufacturer (OEM parts).

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