Driver Safety Tips For Fall

As we move towards winter, it is important to know how to protect ourselves and the ones we love when we drive. We must adapt to new weather and road conditions and pay attentions to signs which may announce traffic hazards. Check the following list with driver safety tips for fall. And if you are also interested about protecting, why not check the car insurance rates in your area?  Use our free insurance quotes auto online to compare prices. But first, let’s review the most important tips:

  1. Safe-driving-in-AutumnBe careful when driving on roads covered with leaves. Besides being attractive and rusty-colored, leaves can be quite dangerous. Braking on leaves is a risky maneuver, since leaves covered with water can be slippery. Furthermore, a blanket of leaves may cover road failures, like potholes or bumps. Drive slowly and very carefully. Also, do not drive through a leaf pile. Why? Because children like to hide there when playing.
  2. Do not park your car over a pile of leafs. When you will want to start the car, there is a chance to start a fire. And that fire will spread quickly.
  3. Animals pose a serious threat. For animals, including deer, autumn is a busy season. Besides mating, wildlife animals must also gather sufficient provisions for winter. Be careful when driving through woods.
  4. Be careful at sun glare. The sun moves closer to the horizon and makes it more likely to reflect at low angles off other cars, buildings and windows. Keep a pair of sunglasses nearby.
  5. Make sure your headlights are working properly. You will surely need them during autumn, especially during fog. When driving in fog, set your headlight to low beam. This setting aims the beam of light down toward the roadway.

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