Car Types Determine Auto Insurance Premiums

In the auto insurance market, the car’s type plays a prime role in determining the premiums.  It basically dictates how much you will pay and whether you will be considered a high-risk driver or not.  Read our blog and find out how car types determine auto insurance premiums. Furthermore, you can compare results for various type of car using our website. We can help you save on car insurance by providing free quotes.

# Save-Money-On-Car-LeaseThe cheapest and easiest cars to insure are small to medium-sized family cars. They are common, mass produced and their parts are easy and cheap to replace. Furthermore,  family cars benefit in the last years of numerous safety devices, making them a top choice for any potential buyer. Because they are safe, abundant and affordable, family cars are easy and cheap to insure.

SUVs and Jeeps are a bit more expensive to insure. They are also more expensive to purchase. But they provide increased safety, being so big and massive. And they are bit more expensive to insure.

Sports cars and custom made car are a bit trickier to insure.  Every insurer will send a person to evaluate the car and its specifications.  Custom cars are particularly difficult to insure, because altering the internal and external structure will heavily modify the value of car. Furthermore, adding some components will make the car more likely to produce fatalities during collisions. A faster car means a greater risk.  Sports cars are particularly expensive to insure.

Vehicles used for commercial purposes are easily insured, but the main problem is price, again. It is cheaper to insure a van than a truck. Keep in mind that typically, commercial insurance coverage also includes the cargo and a bigger cargo hold means that premiums will be higher.

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