Best High Risk Auto Insurance Companies

High risk car insurance is viewed as the insurance category reserved for drivers with a history of driving violations, inexperience behind the wheel or low credit score. If you meet any of this criteria many insurers will consider you a high risk driver and your car insurance premiums will be higher. There is still hope because there are plenty of reputable carriers who will insure high risk drivers. You just need to analyze the prices and get the best deals on the market. For that, you will need at least one auto insurance online quote.

geico-logoIf you already fall into one of the High Risk categories, some insurance companies may be cheaper than others when it comes to insuring you. We analyzed several major companies, comparing the insurance premiums they offer higher risk drivers. While your rates will differ from the examples in our study, we can help you figure out where to begin. There are four companies we looked at: GEICO, Allstate, MetLife and Nationwide.

On average GEICO turned out to be the cheapest high risk auto insurance company of the bunch of 4 in both the speeding and young driver scenarios. For the ‘DUI + Accident’ scenario GEICO was edged out slightly by Allstate with a nationwide annual average of $2,298 per year versus GEICO’s $2,493. This study is based on a select sample profiles so it may not reflect your circumstances and should only be used as guideline. To find cheaper high risk auto insurance, you should compare quotes from multiple companies. If you’re interested in getting a list of companies in your area enter your zip code below and click through to get a quote. We strongly recommend you to get online quotes, they are free and easy to get.

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