Benefits Of Multi-Car Insurance Plans

Getting multiple types of auto insurance may seem a really expensive thing. And it really is, especially if you purchase those policies from difference companies. For example, get commercial auto insurance quotes online and check the prices for one single vehicle.  Imagine insuring a fleet of commercial vehicles, with each vehicle covered independently. But combining policies and using multi-car bundling plans should give you and edge. This is also available for non-commercial cars.

auto1 - car-insurance-comparison-74Government statistics show that more than one in three homes now has more than one car. And with the cost of car insurance rising over recent years, it’s worth getting whatever discounts you can grab. Multi-car discount is a way for some families to save on the cost of cover. Numerous insurance companies offer groups of people who live at the same address the opportunity to insure all their vehicles under the same car insurance plan.

This means you only have one set of paperwork to complete and a single renewal date each year. These policies apply even if the vehicles have different main and named drivers, provided they’re all registered at the same address. Typically, a multi-car policy will cover between two and five cars. From an insurer’s perspective, encouraging families or groups to get this type of cover brings in more business than if they each went with a different firm. And every company wants as many clients as possible, so bringing more to their business will benefit them and you, as well.  They will offer you a discount as gratitude token.

Insurance companies claim that some groups or families with several cars can save more than 20% on their insurance plans. Keep in mind that all insurance companies have different benefits and restrictions. For example, some providers may limit this discount to 4 vehicles per policy.

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