Basic Features of AD&D Insurance

While having a regular car insurance policy is definitely beneficial for you as a driver, there are other aspects you might want to consider as well. And one of these aspects that is quite uncomfortable to think about is the possibility that, as a result of an accident, not only does your car get damaged severely, but the occupants of the car also suffer terrible injuries. This is bad enough on its own, but add to that the immense medical costs, and it becomes an even greater burden. For such extreme situations, however unwanted they may be, it is good to have a health or life insurance policy with an added ad&d insurance rider.

# collision-coverageWith accidental death and dismemberment insurance, there are standard payouts with regard to the loss of limbs. And there are certain conditions for an injury to qualify as loss of a limb. For instance, losing a toe will not qualify you for payment. Some types of dismemberment policies often start at or above the ankle. Some auto insurance providers will offer AD&D insurance through employers’ benefits packages to offer their clients. Plan benefit amounts vary significantly will typically range from $20,000 to $500,000 for individual employees, and coverage is also available for a spouse when offered in a voluntary program. A family can be insured at a cost of between $150 and $320 per year for about $50,000 of coverage.

For you to receive benefits under some policies, your death or the loss of a limb or eyesight has to occur within a certain time frame after the accident.  This would mean around three months, and your death must be a direct result of the injuries you sustained in the accident. If your type of death meets the criteria, the policy would pay the principal, or full, amount. Loss of limbs or eyesight are paid according to a schedule, meaning a portion of the principal amount. Other circumstances connected with an accident or your death could affect your benefits.

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