At What Age You Should Surrender Your Driver’s License?

There are all sort of bureaucratic mechanisms that you must undergo in order to drive legally on the streets of US. Even more, you must follow all legal procedures when it also comes to surrendering a driver’s license.  When you reach a certain age, you must also renounce this license. So, an important question is at what age you should surrender your driver’s license.  If you own a car, you must protect it until you no longer have the right to drive it.  Get car insurance quotes and compare all prices.

Auto-Insurance-Mainly, you have to surrender your driver’s license if you have voluntarily surrendered it, if you received too many bad driving records and fines, if you move into another state and if you are very old. In most states, there is no specific law that tells you to surrender the license when you reach a certain age. But it is recommended that after you reach the age of 60 years, do some periodic medical exams, especially vision and hearing tests. If results are not that satisfactory, you should stay away from driving.  You will only endanger yourself and the ones you transport.

But, as we mentioned before, there are other cases when you should surrender the license. For example – when you move in another state. You can legally travel on its roads, if you have a valid driver’s license. But if you become a resident of that state, you must follow the legislation and change the license as soon as possible.  There is a time limit for doing that and if you do not comply, you will be charged with a fine.  For more info, you should visit the local DMV and ask about surrendering driver’s license and getting a new one.

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