Are Car Insurance Agents Still Important

In today’s digital age, the activities of many industries are moving to a predominantly online space. Having so many devices that can access the internet at any time or place, customers now expect the information they’re looking for to be available anytime and anywhere. This is also true in the car insurance industry, with so many providers developing highly interactive apps that make it easier for customers to file and submit claims and view policy options. And statistics show that 71% of auto insurance shoppers started online last year.  Because of such increased digitization, some may wonder if auto insurance agents are still important.  The answer is “Yes”. Nevertheless, you should shop around and use insurance quotes online auto. Check our website for free quotes!

GettyImages-131983498-577c784c5f9b5858753b5022Auto insurance agents still have a vital role in the modern world and in fact, they are as important today as ever before.  A 2016 J.D. Power study shows that while 74% of consumers do use insurer or marketplace websites to get quotes, only 25% actually buy their insurance policy online.  Despite all of our high-tech devices, consumers still care about human contact.

While insurance may often be perceived as a commodity, it is still an intricate and difficult product to design. There are several types of coverage, deductibles and options available as well as different levels of mandated coverage from state-to-state. With bundling options, laws and discounts it can be very hard to create an online experience that efficiently support such complexity.

That’s why insurance agents are so important. While consumers may start their search online, they will usually rely to agents. Agents are knowledgeable, offer advice and help auto insurance shoppers make educated decisions. Agents are also aware about discounts and current trends that consumers do not know of and that a website or app will be challenged to present clearly.

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