5 Things That Make Car Insurance Expensive!

Check our list with the top 5 things that make car insurance expensive. Also, visit our website and find out how to save money on car insurance.

  1. car-insurance-1Getting a sport, flashy and expensive car. It can go without saying that an expensive car is expensive to insure. Luxury cars will cost a ton of money to insure. But not only luxury cars are expensive to insure.  Very fast cars are also expensive to insure, because a driver will be tempted to reach its maximum speed and thus, giving less time to react in front of a driving hazard.
  2. Moving to a dangerous area. Insurers consider dangerous areas where there is an increase in vandalism, car theft and extreme weather phenomena. Also, a heavily circulated area is considered more dangerous because the risk of getting involved in an accident is considerably increased. It is well known the fact that most of the accidents occur near home.
  3. Having a poor credit score. A poor credit score means that you cannot manage well paying all the bills. And insurance companies do not want to risk too much losing money and they ask for more, in order to compensate for the delays. They also consider that these persons make poor drivers, since they are not able to manage things.
  4. Convictions for traffic violations. Getting convicted for DUI/DWI or causing an accident will automatically increase the rates. But those are not the only violations that can make your premiums increase. Even too many parking or speeding tickets will have an impact.
  5. Being an inexperienced driver. New drivers, particularly teen drivers, have a hard time find a really affordable policy. Their lack of experience behind the wheels makes them be considered high-risk drivers. And companies will want to compensate for the risk by asking higher premiums.

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